Stock Sizes (WxLxT): 1250mmx80mx01mm, 1250mmx100mx01mm, 1250mmx200mx01mm, 1500mmx100mx01mm, 1500mmx200mx01mm, 1250mmx80mx02mm, 1250mmx100mx02mm, 1250mmx200mx02mm, 1500mmx100mx02mm, 1500mmx200mx02mm, 1250mmx80mx03mm, 1250mmx100mx03mm, 1500mmx50mx03mm, 1500mmx100mx03mm, 1250mmx50mx05mm, 1500mmx50mx05mm


Aerothene is a flexible and durable packaging material that is fully recyclable. It has insulating and cushioning properties to protect the goods from moisture, scratches, dents and chips during transport and storage. It is widely used by the furniture industry for protection.


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